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Education newly imagined

The Popular House in Klagenfurt, Volkshaus Klagenfurt, Südbahngürtel 24, opens its doors to a different classroom. We offer a wider general education than conventional schools do. It’s not a kind of coaching, nevertheless you might miss some private lessons in future.

You can contribute every three months making recommandations to the timetable, just contact us mentioning your level and favorite disciplines.

Klagenfurt, on May 27th, 2016

Sound of revolution

Praprotnice “Tribute to Resistance”

Sentimental stories … unknown even by history readers. The music was perfectly arranged, in order to put it in advantage. It wasn’t the music the one who amazed the audience, crowded as a merit, but the sounds themselves. As I thought catching the absolute sound, the instrumentalist surprized me with an other intervention. Finally bringing himself into the same game. Everybody recognizing nowadays the call to resistance will follow the sound of revolution.

Location: Volxhaus in Klagenfurt, on Nov. 30th, 2015


Let’s dance!

Old or young? Retro or modern? Loud or hoarse? Past or present? Nostalgy or vision? Unknown or well-known? Good bye or date? Contradictory or just finding together?
I took with me such questions to the rockband DDT in concert, expecting answers to them. I got elevated music played by skilled bandsmen in a magic atmosphere instead.
Deep curtsey to the grateful public waiting for an encore next year.

So, let’s see if old or young, retro or modern, loud or hoarse, past or present, nostalgy or vision, Unknown or well-known. Saying good bye was only meant for this year. Let’s find together with DDT next year. Nothing contradictory for me.

Location: LustGarten in Klagenfurt, on Nov. 21-th 2014


“Za vero, dom, cesarja ­ Slovenci v prvi svetovni vojni”

I didn’t understand it until the genius translation. It’s the First World War I learn about. Thus a Slovene point of view! During his historical studies, Danijel Grafenauer from Maribor researched especially those topics. Presented them last week highly self­-assured. Enjoying ancient politicians’ diplomacy, quoting them with a chuckle. Further discussions showed the deep impact among the audience.

Amazing for me, the smooth bilinguality. Lecture in the native language for the crowd, translation into German. Questions in both languages, translation in the other direction obsolet. My personal gain. One detail, ignored by others because of its obviousness.

Location: Volxhaus in Klagenfurt, on Nov. 11­th, 2014


“There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.” (Oscar Wilde, 1890)

Feel free to express your opinion to my talking points. Regardless of morality – yet quality? Glad to read any feed back.