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My city of birth: Cluj, the capital of Transylvania.

Birth, childhood, studies. My ego identity. Very hard to leave, never will find out why. Impossible to refine a perfect world?


Most beautiful year of the history: 1968

The spirit of the times is irresistible. Remember the flower power? That’s why I’m here, this is my conviction.


Tatar roots still alive in dreaming of mobility.

I never considered cars as quid pro quo against nature. In my opinion, it’s a question of evolution. Our flexibility rely on my forefathers’ vision. Never mind to improve!


Uniform with proud red tie motivating towards the future.

Dictatorship or strict discipline? Monotony or egality? Conservatism or unleashing?

Cristina and Grandmother

Last picture together with my grandmother, in Budapest.

Went through both world wars. Worked “only” at home. Never complained about gender, time or money. Was at least as happy as I am. And she showed me the way to my happiness.


8 years full of swinging in Worthymenvillage (Lower Austria)

Fortunately, there are professional Kindergardens to care. And hopefully the free choice for them. Don’t trivialize the social impact!

Red Cross

Paramedic of Red Cross at the Austrian Research Centers.

A very good example of enthusiastic work without remuneration. Our company allows us this choice, what about the society? It’s time to discern with the differences to our needs.

C. Tamas Unionist

Powerful unionist at the Austrian Institute of Technology.

I love working with privileged colleagues. It’s more fun! Learning about proletarian rights leads to understanding the human rights. I’m aware of simplicity among scientists and engineers, what about heavy workers?

AIT Building

Two years matched into a Viennese box.

Beautifully cultural but a crowded and expensive city. High quality living as a question of its price. Never forget: time is money! Two years gone with the wind.

Working Place

Next to my work area: my very technical side.

Nobody is perfect! I’m the boss here! Lot of connected wires work for me. In my phantasy, all people work just what they like to. As I do. Go for it! What about paying well the disgusting jobs?


Look, mama! Up to Klagenfurt!

Happy about making this step in a leisurely way. Never regret! The Highschool for Arts in Viktring got star billing for us. The very likely place for qualified education.


Last but not least … Carinthia

Human, mentality driven, familial, esthetical, geographical, climatic, political, free choice for living. A big challenge shaping the future. You cannot select your relatives, but your friends are chosen for life. Let’s take a fresh lease together!